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where was I:

I am from northern Michigan. Born in Leelanau County and grew up working the family farm, vineyard and winery. My education started at Suttons Bay High School…that is where drafting class would become the catalyst for my future architectural career (although I did not realize it at the time). I attended NMC (Northwestern Michigan College) for a few years where I finalized my focus and direction. Lawrence Technological University (LTU) would ultimately be the destination for my architectural degrees. As it would turn out, drafting, building models and talking about architecture was something I could really excell at for the first time in my educational career. I worked several internship jobs in southern Michigan. After becoming licensed I ultimately moved back to the Traverse City area and started my own firm.

where am I:

I am celebrating 15 years as a sole proprietor of a. rink architects inc. My studio is located in the alley garage of my residence. I love working from home so close to the Downtown Traverse City Area. Being a small practitioner allows me to work a wide geographic range. I focus on “reasonable scope” residential and commercial projects. My residential new construction and design projects are usually in the 1500 – 2800 square foot range. Residential additions and remodels are also a large portion of my daily workload. Small Commercial projects are also in the range of my capabilities. Due to my experience in the wine industry, I work  with many of the local wineries, breweries and distilleries. Tasting rooms and production facilities are part of my specialty.

where am I going:

I enjoy where I am as a design professional… However, in preparation for some responsible growth, I have been adding some sub-contractors to assist in drafting and project management. I am moving forward with the goal of taking on a bit more without compromising my small firm status. By having a small group of associates to help as needed I will be able to grow responsibly and still offer a strong personal involvement with my clients. In my experience I have watched too many businesses grow into large companies and forget their roots…It is my goal to stay a small business with personal ties to as many of my clients as I am able.

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